Sale of properties with exclusive contract in Dénia

Sale of properties with exclusive contract in Denia

The sale of properties with exclusive contract in Denia is a form of sale that surrounds
many prejudices, so the writing of this post, since in Edeal Homes we
have decided to focus on this type of sale and we want to explain to
potential customers their features :

The sale of a property with exclusive contract will make the chosen real estate
company focus all its efforts on promoting your property, since you
have the confidence that you will sell it and your work will be

Today we are facedwith the circumstance that the owner signs a sales agent with more
than one real estate agent, they advertise the property or house and
the result is a massive Internet presence of the property and the
consequent distrust of a buyer “ this house is everywhere and is
not sold … something weird will have “,” when it is not
sold for a defect it will be …


If a real estate company has an exclusive contract property we will find:

-The real estate
company can invest unlimitedly in advertising, since it knows that it
MUST be sold.

-The real estate
company will have enough confidence to advise the owner about changes
in the market price since if it is out of price they will not appear

-The fees of the
real estate with exclusivity contract are lower since the resources
that are invested in the property are more efficient than if it were
not in exclusivity.

-Although a real
estate company has an exclusive contract does not mean that it closes
to collaborate with a client that reaches the owner, the common
objective is to sell the property.

– It is not
necessary to remain a year of exclusivity, a clause on the efficiency
of the real estate can be agreed, and if this does not contribute
visits to the property, the exclusivity contract can be broken.

– The exclusivity
contract is for us to sell faster, not to block a house and for the
owner to waste time.

Edeal Homes Real Estate in Denia is working within the Marketing Agency in Dénia Difusioneo

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us to know the conditions of the exclusivity contract in our Property Sales Form

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