How to manage home contracts after a move

Did you know that it is possible to carry out all contracts after a move in an easy and simple way? In this article we explain how to do it and how you can find the cheapest electricity and internet rates.

Fiber or prepaid internet at home?

Finally the day arrived. After months looking for a house that meets all the conditions you need, accessible to your purchasing power and getting it to rent to you and not to the other twenty people who were interested, it is time to move. This procedure can be a real ordeal, and first of all you must decide what to take with you and what to leave behind, organize everything in boxes, hire a trusted moving company and take everything to the new house.

However, moving is a great opportunity to get more convenient and interesting rates. If we use an energy comparator that helps us compare, not only the rates of each company but also the quality of customer service from Repsol, Holaluz, Podo and the rest of the marketers, we can save a lot of money on our bills every month . Good customer service is also especially important, since in this way if we want to file claims with Endesa, Naturgy or Repsol, we can do so in a much more agile way.

On the other hand, we can also see if we are interested in hiring a fiber or prepaid internet rate in our home. If you want more information on this topic or learn more about the customer service of Fortuluz, Aldro Energía, Repsol and many others, you can visit the following website:

What procedures should you do when you move?

Many people are unaware that when renting a house, especially a student apartment, it is necessary to put the power supply, either electricity or gas, in the name of the tenants, as well as the interent contract. When we leave a house we have two possibilities:

• Change the electricity, gas or internet contract in the name of the current tenants, so that they take responsibility for paying the bills and the integrity of the supply.

• Cancel the electricity, natural gas or internet contract. In the case of electricity or gas, the registration fees must be paid again when the supply is reactivated.

If the house is going to be occupied by other tenants in a short time, experts recommend changing the owner of the contract instead of canceling it. However, the least advisable thing is to skip this procedure, since in the event of a default situation, it will be the contract holder who takes charge of the unpaid invoices, even if they no longer reside at home. Do you want to know how to organize your move? We invite you to watch this video so that you can organize yourself in an easy and simple way.

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