Valencian Community Tourist Licence

According to the current legislation in Spain, the management of tourist flats is the responsibility of each Autonomous Community. In the city of Denia, for example, in order to obtain the Valencian Community Tourist Licence, you must first obtain a licence from the Town Hall.

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How do I obtain the Valencian Community Tourist Licence?

In order to rent flats, villas or even rooms to tourists, you must obtain a local tourist licence. You must then register your establishment in the tourism register of your autonomous community.

To obtain this tourist rental licence in Dénia, the procedures are specific to the Valencian Community, and you will have to prove the quality of the services and facilities of your accommodation.

What happens if I rent my flat without having the tourist licence of the Valencian Community?

Without this tourist licence to rent in Denia, the rental activity becomes illegal. And companies, such as Airbnb and company, should not accept to market you. In addition, you risk a fine of tens of thousands of euros, as well as not being protected in case of problems with tenants.

How long will it take to obtain a tourist licence in the Valencian Community?

In the Valencian Community there is a huge supply of tourist flats that owners use as a second home or as an investment, as there is a lot of demand from tourists. For this reason, the body that manages this licence usually takes a long time, sometimes even more than six months. The good news is that with the proof that it has been applied for, we will be able to rent out our tourist flat.

How much does it cost to obtain a tourist licence in the Valencian Community?

Normally these tourist licenses are managed by a consultant or manager and the price is usually between 70 and 150€.

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